For years engineers have been in search of alternatives to steel and alloys to combat the high costs of repair and maintenance of structures damaged by corrosion and heavy use. Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is a class of composites that has proven efficient and economical for development and repair of new and deteriorating structures. The mechanical and chemical properties of FRP makes them ideal for widespread applications in almost all sorts of industries.

As one of the oldest FRP manufacturer in India we are involved in manufacturing of a wide range of FRP products for numerous sectors of industries. Our 3 decades of focused experience in the field of Fibreglass leads us to a very competent position in the country.

Plast-O-Fibre Industries, sister concern of FibroGrats Private Limited was established in 1985. Since then we design and engineer FRP products to meet various structural, process and environmental requirements for a wide range of industrial applications

We manufacture & supply FRP Products like: