Acid oil / soap stock splitting plants


Soap stock is a byproduct of soap, resin acids and wax materials that are separated as a result of washing and neutralization of free fatty acids with caustic and in refining of vegetable raw oil. It contains water and low amount of oil. It is obtained during elimination of free fatty acids (alkaline refining) by caustic soda neutralization of raw oils. It is a mixture of fatty acid soaps, salts, phospholipids, impurities and entrained neutral oil.  Soap Stock Splitting is done with Sulphuric /  Hydrochloric acid to obtain Acid oil.

As a result of usage of acid, soap stock splitting process is a highly corrosive process. Designed under technical expertise of Mr. Ashok Jain (Promoter of M/S Plasto-Fibre Ind), we offer a very specialized leak proof & corrosion proof Soap Stock Splitting Plant / Acid oil plant. First Soap Stock Splitting / Acid Oil Plant we ever manufacture in fiberglass was way back in 1990.

With over 25 years of experience in designing, manufacturing & commissioning of over 200 Soap Stock Splitting plants / Acid oil plants for all sizes of refineries & our plants have over 95% efficiency with reduced acid consumption, low quantity of sludge & fumes, lower acidity of effluent & high quantity of acid oil with enhanced quality.  Our Soap Stock Splitting Plants / Acid Oil Plants contain specially designed corrosion free pipelines, pumps, valves etc.