Distilled Fatty Acid Plants


Fatty acids occur widely in nature & are derived from commodity oils and fats. They find major use for food and nutrition applications & in oleochemical industry to produce soaps, detergents, personal care products, lubricants, paints and  biodiesel. The largest vegetable oil sources are the oilseed crops (soybean, rapeseed, sunflower, and cottonseed)

Distilled fatty acid contains a mixture of palmatic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid & linoleneic acid. These are mixture of saturated and unsaturated fatty acid with variable percentage and depending upon this percentage iodine value of the mixed fatty acid is decided

Brief description of the process is mentioned below:
Feedstock obtained from splitting of Fats & Oils / Acid Oil is pretreated & degumming is carried out to separate gums which are present as impurities. Degummed acid oil / feedstock is decolorized & hydrolyzed or split in an autoclave to obtain crude fatty acid.

After mixing appropriate & pre-calculated quantities of crude fatty acid from autoclave & DO of refinery, both are transferred to a separator. Further the mixture is passed through a degasser in which degasification & removal of colour generating low boiling impurities take place.

Finally the degassed crude fatty acid is transferred into main distillation kettle for distillation under vacuum at lowest possible temperature.

Key highlights of the process are:

  • Final colour of the distilled fatty acid is less than 5 units on Gardner scale
  • Optimizes the recovery of heat
  • System is designed to handle worst possible feedstocks to produce high grade Distilled fatty acids.
  • Our process removes all odors, colours & fractions
  • Highest efficiency of final distilled Fatty acid.