Fiber Gratings

FGPL: A leader in Fibreglass Gratings in India FGPL is one of the fastest-growing organization serving the manufacturing industry with the mission to provide “Solutions against corrosion using Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP/GRP)”. With over 50 moulds of Moulded Gratings and modern state of art extrusion lines, we provide maximum variety of Gratings that are customized to

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FRP Tanks

At FGPL, we take pride in providing the best quality, yet cost-effective FRP tanks for harsh, corrosive chemicals/acids. How? Read on… Centrally located in India, at Indore: Helps us in reducing logistics costs to transport tanks across India. No wonder, we have supplied large FRP products in  India, from Kandla to Haldia & from Jammu to

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Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic

FGPL is a leader in manufacturing FRP products in India. FRP or FIBREGLASS REINFORCED PLASTIC is known in the industry as plastic, which is reinforced with glass fibres. FGPL manufactures FRP products for numerous sectors of industry. Over 30 years of experience in the field of Fibreglass reinforced plastic production leads FGPL to a very competitive position in

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FRP Storage Tanks

FRP storage tanks FRP storage tanks are Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic tanks available to be used in various applications. FRP coating procedure is done on its outer surface which is a high-performing epoxy resin with polyethene (PE) or ABS seamless one-piece liner. These FRP act as two-layer protection which helps in developing resistance against corrosion. These FRP

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frp gratings

Nowadays, the word FRP is trending and has become very popular among. FRP stands for Fibre Reinforced Plastic, and FRP Gratings are made by mixing Resin and Fiberglass in certain propositions. FRP Gratings are usually used for Corrosive Environments because it has high resistance against corrosion, whereas steel gratings don’t have such resistance against corrosion. Advantages

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