Best Acid Dilution Systems Manufacturer in India

The concentrated acid solution may be accurately diluted and/or transferred into carriages, tank trucks, and storage vessels using the acid dilution system. A strong solution and a weak solution can be mixed to create an intermediate concentration as a substitute to diluting with water. The systems can be set up to run continuously according to demand or for mass loading of predetermined batch quantities.

The system is built with a heat transfer and specialised acid reactor for extreme thermal decomposition purposes. This innovative design uses only cooling system water to reduce excessive exit temperatures.

Best Acid Dilution Systems Manufacturer in India

Advantages of Acid Dilution System

Static Mixer: One of the most crucial steps in any chemical process sector is mixing. These sectors constantly strive to improve mixing in a very economical method. We offer a static mixer that is distinct from dynamic mixers since the substance is pushed through the elements instead of the blades. Different forms of paste, slurry, liquid, and gases can be mixed with our mixers. These have a reputation for having no maintenance issues, an incredibly long life, and high stability.

Dilution Tees: FRP tees are typically created using a laborious layering method and a lot of resin. Using moulds, many shapes can be produced. Different polymers can be chosen for various media and usage scenarios. On request, unique accessories in any size and shape can be given. The tee is a polished pipe fitting designed to make it simple to connect the pipeline’s branch pipes. It is separated into two types: standard tees, where the main pipe and branch pipes have similar diameters, and decreasing tees, when the main pipe and branch pipes have different diameters and unique miter tees.

Heat Exchanger: The majority of FRP Cooling Towers are made in upright bottle type and square type versions. The FRP cooling tower draws air in from the bottom and exhausts heat towards the top. since the air moves from the bottom to the top and the water travels from the top. More time is spent in direct contact with the air by the water droplet. The evaporation of a certain proportionate amount of circulating water assisted in cooling the wet cooling towers.

Fibrograts FRP Cooling Towers are more lightweight, energy-efficient, durable, long-lasting, and require less maintenance. The use of stainless steel fasteners and hot-dip galvanised structural components makes FRP Towers corrosion-free.