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Soap stock is a by-product of soap, resin acids and wax materials that are separated as a result of washing and neutralization of free fatty acids with caustic and in the refining of vegetable raw oil. It contains water and a low amount of oil. It is obtained during the elimination of free fatty acids (alkaline refining) by caustic soda neutralization of raw oils. It is a mixture of fatty acid soaps, salts, phospholipids, impurities and entrained neutral oil.  Soap Stock Splitting is done with Sulphuric /  Hydrochloric acid to obtain the Acid oil plant. For more details & enquiries you can contact us – we are leading acid oil plant manufacturer in India.

What is an Acid Oil Plant?

Acid oil plants are facilities that are designed to produce acid oil from soapmaking waste streams. These plants typically use a series of chemical processes to separate the acid oil from the other byproducts of the soap stock splitting, such as glycerol and soap. The resulting acid oil is then refined and treated to remove impurities before being sold as a feedstock for use in various industrial applications.

In addition to being used as a feedstock, acid oil is also sometimes used as a low-cost alternative to regular cooking oils in some countries. However, it is important to note that acid oil is not suitable for human consumption due to its impurities and strong odor.

Acid Oil Plant Manufacturer

Why Choose FGPL; Acid Oil Plant Manufacturer?

FGPL’s Acid Oil Plant guarantees an automated, continuous operation. The acid oil plant, which is made from premium raw materials, has outstanding resistance to corrosion brought on by concentrated chemicals. The Soapstock Acidulation Plants are designed with adaptable operating modes that make them simple to use. The factory is built to store several kinds of acids. We have all the necessary skills to adapt the plant to the needs of the clients. Our cutting-edge acid oil plant is praised for its extended lifespan, simplicity of use, and low maintenance requirements.

As a result of the usage of acid, soap stock splitting process is a highly corrosive process. Designed under technical expertise of Mr. Ashok Jain (Promoter of M/S Plasto-Fibre Ind), we offer a very specialized leak proof & corrosion-proof Soap Stock Splitting Plant / Acid oil plant. First Soap Stock Splitting / Acid Oil Plant we ever manufacture in fibreglass was way back in 1990.

Fibrograts with over 25 years of experience in designing, manufacturing & commissioning over 200 Soap Stock Splitting plants / Acid oil plant for all sizes of refineries & our plants have over 95% efficiency with reduced acid consumption, low quantity of sludge & fumes, lower acidity of effluent & high quantity of acid oil with enhanced quality.  Our Soap Stock Splitting Plants / Acid Oil Plant contain specially designed corrosion-free pipelines, pumps, valves, etc.

Acid oil Plant

Advantages of FGPL’s Acid Oil Plant

  • High-Grade Raw Materials Used in Manufacturing to Prevent Corrosion
  • Available in FRP Grade and Stainless Steel.
  • Robust and trustworthy
  • Agitation by Machine for Uniformity
  • Less acidity in the effluents
  • Acid Oil in a lighter, more acceptable shade with positive qualities
  • Simple setup without the need for complicated tools or expertise

The above-mentioned key characteristics of our FGPL Acid Oil Making Plant make it advantageous to install and use our equipment in tandem with the current refinery plant. As a Acid Oil Plant manufacturer, we offer both solutions to the clients.

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