For years, Engineers have been in search of alternatives to steel and alloys to combat the high costs of repair and maintenance of structures damaged by corrosion and heavy use. We are one of the rapidly growing organization serving the manufacturing industry with a mission to provide Solutions against corrosion using Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP)/GRP)” . Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is a class of composites that have proven efficient and economical for the development and repair of new and deteriorating structures. The mechanical and chemical properties of FRP make them ideal for widespread applications in almost all sorts of industries.

As one of the oldest FRP products manufacturer in India, we are involved in manufacturing of a wide range of FRP products for numerous sectors of industry. Our 3 decades of focused experience in the field of Fibreglass leads us to a very competitive position in the country.

Plast-O-Fibre Industries was Started by Mr Ashok Jain in 1985 as a proprietorship concern. With 35 years of experience, under the able leadership of Mr Ashok Jain with zeal for growth, corporate entity ‘Fibro Grats Pvt Ltd (FGPL)’ was formed in 2009. Under the able leadership of Mr Ashok Jain with zeal for growth, the second generation in business formed the corporate entity FibroGrats Pvt. Ltd. in 2008. Since then, three-pronged expansion strategy has been followed under which we have expanded product portfolio, geographical reach as well as target sectors to achieve rapid growth & help us position FGPL as one of the leading & reliable supplier of FRP products. We are always ready to design, engineer & deliver customized solutions and do not shy away from trials where we may fail. We constantly improve based on client’s feedback & never miss an opportunity to upgrade our solutions/products.

Complete designing, prototype building, manufacturing, testing & certifications, installation & erection at site are our key strengths. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located at Indore (Madhya Pradesh. Currently, we are 125+ employee group with 60,000 Sqft state of the art facility, located centrally in India at Indore (M.P.) with over 500 corporate clients across 20 states in India & 10 countries across the world in Africa, Europe & Asia-pacific.

Our | Key Skills |

Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 85%
Marketing 85%
Consulting 80%
Support 90%

Leadership | Team|

Mr Ashok Jain


Mrs. Kanupriya


Mr Tarun Surana