FRP Motor Guard Covers Manufactures in India

FGPL manufactures FRP Motor Guard Covers which is very useful in industrial applications where corrosion is the main problem due to chemicals, acids & water.

We are providing FRP Motor Guard & Pump Guard covers as a solution.

No need to worry about size, just confirm moter/pump capacity & vertical/horizontal we will make the product. It is Available in 1 H.P. to 400H.P. moter/pumps

FRP Motor Guard (Canopy) Benefits / Features:

  • Electrical and thermal non conductive.
  • Can be Customized  as per your requirement
  • Comes with lifting handles
  • Manufactured in one piece
  • Long Life.
  • Low Flammability
  • Fire retardant
  • UV resistant
  • Maintenance Free,
  • Multi color option
  • No Need of frequent color.
  • Sufficient space all sides for air circulation
  • Light in weight, easy to install & remove

FRP Motor Guard (Canopy) Technical Specification

Material :  Polyester Resin and Fiber Glass