Pultruded Sections
Pultrusion is a continuous, automated moulding process with highly accurate shapes & sections. The basic process involves pulling of continuous fibres through a resin bath (resin contains all other necessary chemicals namely catalyst, pigment etc) which then passes through a pre-former where excess resin is removed & partial shaping is done. It is then passed through a heated mould for final shaping & finishing.

Various shapes we supply are tubes – round & rectangular, I sections, C Sections, Angles & Flats

Pre-Engineered Platform with Structure & Ladders / Stairs
Owing to high corrosion resistance of Fibreglass, long life & lightweight, we design & supply platforms with complete structure & stair-cases. These are excellent of replacement of concrete & metallic structures.

Fibreglass Ducts have definite advantages over metal systems. Corrosion, lightweight, longer unsupported spans, flexibility in shape & colour selection are few of them.

FRP ducts are an excellent solution for ducting in buildings with huge HVAC systems as well as for pollution controlling ducts in industries.

Moulded Trenches
Completely resistant to the attack of corrosive liquids, soils, bacteria and groundwater, the FRP Moulded trenches ease out the handling of liquid flow in a plant. Their smooth and liquid-tight surface reduces the problem of leakage and seepage (from commonly used concrete or tile-lined drains into the soil or other similar underground structures) to zero and in turn reducing the maintenance hazels.

We specialize in manufacturing such drains as per your size, shape and chemical resistance requirements.