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FRP tanks by FGPL: Best Quality at affordable prices

At FGPL, we take pride in providing the best quality, yet cost-effective FRP tanks for harsh, corrosive chemicals/acids.

How? Read on…

Centrally located in India, at Indore:

Helps us in reducing logistics costs to transport tanks across India. No wonder, we have supplied large FRP tanks in 18 states of India, from Kandla to Haldia & from Jammu to Kerala. Moreover, we often price our products based on ‘FOR’ i.e. Door Delivered price for customer & not standard ‘Ex-Works’ that is the norm and puts a client in disadvantage if the vendor is in one corner of the country, while your production units are spread across all over India.

Skilled & Affordable manpower:

Indore is the cleanest city of India, often referred to as Mini-Mumbai by people of Madhya Pradesh, large urban Tier-2 city with almost 3 million people that has plenty of skilled yet affordable manpower. Cost of hiring here remains cheaper than Gujarat or Maharashtra which are major hubs for Composite Tank Manufacturing.

No Lease Rental:

We operate from company-owned land, & don’t pay any lease rentals that make it possible to pass on lower costs to compared to vendors who may have annual lease rentals.

That’s how Best yet affordable is possible 

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