Best FRP Drain Covers Manufacturer in India

Theft of iron manhole covers & heavy breakages in local cement manhole covers is an age-old problem. To get rid of such problems, we have introduced FRP manhole covers & FRP drain covers. These FRP manhole covers have similar strength as cast iron but the lower coefficient of expansion, bending, vibration transmissions & noise. Also they do not have any scrap value hence theft free.

Available in slip-resistant finish, these Fibrograts FRP Drain Covers come with anti-skid surface that aids in preventing accidents related to slipping. Further, the fire retardant and thermally insulated finish of these manhole covers also provide for durable and lasting usage. Some of the product featured are – resistant to microbial growth, featuring high strength to weight ratio, impact & UV resistant, single-piece moulded type construction.

These FRP Manhole Covers are available in standard sizes with load-bearing capacity ranging from 40MT to 200MT (light duty, medium duty & heavy-duty). They are circular, square & rectangular in shapes.