FibroGrats Fibreglass grating is an integral construction – single piece fibreglass roving reinforced with unsaturated polyester (FRP) / Vinyl Ester (FRVE) / Bisphenol (FRB) typically composed of 60-65% resin by weight and immensely strong continuous glass fibres manufactured by a specially designed process that provides a property of good mechanical and corrosion resistance. These are safe & ideal for chemically corrosive environment having a long maintenance-free life.

FRP gratings find huge applications in the following structures

  • Platforms
  • Stairs & Landings
  • Walkways
  • Offshore / Onshore Platforms
  • Covers of various types of Tanks and Vessels
  • Flooring in and around electrical panels
  • Flooring in acid washing areas
  • Filter plates

FRP Gratings are available in various surface finishes & colours, most commonly being used are dark grey & yellow.

FRP Chequered plates are one of our unique products. It is moulded in a single piece providing the best replacement of MS / GI Chequered plate.

Fiber Gratings