FRP Tank Manufacturers in India

Products made of fibre reinforced plastic is the FRP storage tank. It is primarily a brand-new composite material created by a machine run by a microcomputer using resin as a powerful adhesive and glass fibre as a reinforcing agent.

FRP (Fiberglass reinforced plastic) storage tanks have the qualities of being anti-corrosive, highly durable, lightweight, and long-lasting. They may be flexibly designed and employed in a variety of industries, including the chemical process industries, environmental conservation, food, pharmaceutical industry, etc., thanks to their versatile designability and strong ease of processing. FRP storage tank manufacturers says that It is gradually displacing carbon steel and stainless steel in the majority of market segments.

Types of FRP Storage Tanks

For storing liquids or solids, FRP water tank manufacturers like Fibrograts has a variety of options. These solutions are constructed entirely of FRP or with FRP combined with a dual laminate thermoplastic liner such as PP, PVC, CPVC, ECTFE, PVDF, FEP, TFM, etc. Laminate storage tank are simple to install in a variety of chemical situations thanks to the material selection. Experience has taught us that each application has unique specifications. The comprehensive engineering, fabrication, delivery, and installation of every component are all included in the Fibrograts FRP storage tank.

Horizontal Storage Tanks (With or Without Insulation) Vertical FRP Storage Tanks (With or Without Insulation)
FRP Acid Storage Tanks Chemical FRP Storage Tanks
Underground FRP Storage Tanks Ultra-Pure Water FRP Storage Tanks (High Purity)
FRP Waste water Storage Tanks Underground FRP Fuel Storage Tanks
Water FRP Storage Tanks FRP Rectangular Tanks

Fibrograts’ FRP & Dual Laminate Storage Tanks can be equipped with numerous Accessories such as:

Valves Level Indicators
Load Cells RTDs
Thermocouples Reinforcement of Steel or FRP
Platforms Vent Scrubbers
Ladders Railings
Walkways Pumps
Agitators Stirrers


Fibrograts’ a manufacturer & supplier of FRP storage tank India produces storage tanks in a variety of configurations, including cylindrical (vertical & horizontal). Square or rectangular shapes made by hand-layup having a flat top and bottom, a cone – shaped top and bottom, or dished ends. There are storage tanks available with capacities between 1 m3 to 400 m3. Typically, tanks up to 150 m3 are manufactured at our facility, and tanks larger than that are manufactured on the customer’s site.

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Characteristics of FRP Storage Tank

High strength and light weight: The tensile strength is comparable to or even greater than carbon steel, and the specified strength can be likened to modern alloy steel. Its density is between 1.5 and 2.0, which is only 1/4 to 1/2 of carbon steel.

Excellent resistance against corrosion: FRP (Fiberglass reinforced plastic) is a reliable material that resists corrosion. It is resistant to a wide range of oils and solvents as well as the environment, water, acids, alkalis, and salts of all concentrations. It has been used in place of carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, non-ferrous metals, and other materials in all areas of chemical anti-corrosion.

Acceptable dielectric properties: It may be used to create insulators and is a great insulator. At high frequency, it can still exhibit acceptable dielectric characteristics. It has been frequently employed in radar radomes because of its effective microwave transmission.

Excellent thermal performance: There is little thermal conductivity. At ambient temperature, it has a specific energy of 1.25–1.67 KJ/(mhK), which is only 1/100–1/1000 that of metal. It is a top-notch thermal insulating product. It is the optimum thermal protection and eliminate potential material under the circumstance of immediate ultra-high temperature.

Suitable design: Flexible designs of different structural goods can be created to match the needs of the application, resulting in a product with good integrity.

To achieve the features of various products, such as anticorrosion, immediate high temperature resistance, products with special high tensile strength in some directions and excellent dielectric characteristics, etc., a range of materials can be chosen.

Outstanding workmanship

  1. The moulding procedure can be freely chosen based on the goods’ shape, specifications, use, and quantity.
  2. The procedure is straightforward and can be formed all at once. Its technological superiority is more apparent for products with complicated shapes, challenging forms, and limited quantities.

Related Specifications

  • Tank system design and construction with fume exhaust system.
  • Tank with a durable industrial thermoplastic design.
  • Eco-friendly fume extraction system that prevents corrosion of nearby steel buildings, cranes, and roof structures.
  • Flat-pack modules of plastic tanks are available (reduced volume)
  • There is a heating and circulation system. (optional)
  • Tank manufactured of industrial thermoplastic that has been stress-relieved and welded using a cutting-edge hot gas extrusion welding technology.
  • For simple transportation, modules are combined and welded on location.
  • 100% leak proof welding.
  • A non-fuming workplace.
  • Environment free from corrosion.
  • Tanks of a 40 metre length are available.
  • Nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid mixtures as well as HCL acid can be used in polypropylene pickling tanks.
  • Stringent environmental requirements are met by plastic tanks.

Associated Benefits/Advantages

  • Pickling hot
  • A brief pickling period
  • Fewer pickle tanks
  • A rise in productivity
  • Minimal rejection
  • Tidy work environment
  • High level of employee approval
  • Higher quality pickles
  • Sludge drains easily
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Maintenance-free and cost-effective
  • Trustworthy welding seam
  • Tanks often last up to 20 years
  • Space-saving and integrated fume ducting

As a leading FRP storage tank manufacturers in India here below we have some more images of our products:

FRP storage tank